Energy Rebates available in Seattle Area

The Ductologist is a registered contractor with Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish PUD, Tacoma Power and Pacific Power. We are able to offer you the rebates and incentives of each utility. These incentives are generous and have a big impact on the amount that you will need to pay to have your ducts sealed, repaired or insulated. Except for Pacific Power and Mason County PUD the incentives are paid directly to The Ductologist so you do not have to pay up front and wait for a reimbursement. You only pay for your portion of the job. Pacific Power and Mason County PUD customers need to apply for rebate which The Ductologist will assist in submitting.

If your home does not qualify for any incentives, that doesn't mean your ducts don't need sealed. They most likely still leak. It is your insulation on the ducts that may not need to be upgraded. In this case sealing alone is not only beneficial but very inexpensive. Call us to learn more.

Puget Sound Energy

50% of the job cost up to $400 for sealing and insulating ducts

Snohomish PUD

Duct sealing & insulation Manufactured homes:

Pacific Power

$250 for existing ductwork.

Tacoma Power

Up to $450 of the job cost

Mason County PUD

Up to a $500 rebate check for an electrically-heated, existing site-built home and up to a $400 rebate check for an electrically-heated manufactured home. Work must be performed by a PTCS certified technician.