Heating Duct Examinations in Seattle

heating duct examination seattle

What can you expect from The Ductologist Examination?

We will start with a discussion about any concerns you have with your home. Then we will go on a room-by-room tour and evaluate the whole house. The examination will include a tour of your crawlspace and attic. We have simple tests that we can perform to tell us a great deal about air distribution and heat loss in your home.

Statistics show that more than 80% of homes have ducts that are not performing to their potential. Our exam will look at many areas of your home including insulation and air leaks but it always includes a thorough examination of the ducts. If your home is like most, your heating and cooling ducts are "out of sight, out of mind" since they reside in the dark, dirty spaces of your home. The ducts are usually located in your crawlspace or attic, places where no one wants to go voluntarily. And why would you want to go there? As long as the air is coming out of the supply registers, we tend to think that the heating system is working properly. After all, they have been that way since the home was built and seem to perform like they always have. The problem is that ducts used to be assembled with a few screws and some tape and not fully sealed. In other words, THEY LEAK!

According to the US Department of Energy, duct sealing can help you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills, resulting in more money in your pocket. Leaky duct systems typically contribute to 20-40 percent of a home's heating and cooling costs. Duct sealing can increase a heating and/or cooling system's efficiency to a greater degree than upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace and with less of an investment.

Sometimes the ducts were installed poorly or animals have damaged them to the point of failure. It is not unusual to find that a connection has let go and a large gap exists. We even see ducts that are completely disconnected and lying on the ground. Sometimes it is other things about your home contributing to the poor performance like insulation or air leaks.

To find out just how your home's energy use and comfort can be improved, call The DUCTOLOGIST for a thorough check-up. We are happy to go into those dark, dirty places, take photos or video, and provide you with a report and a quote to fix the problems. Please call our office or email to schedule an examination/diagnostic of your home.