Air and Heat Duct Sealing

The ducts in your home are made up of many components that were typically assembled on site when your home was built. Since they are usually located in confined spaces like crawlspaces and attic, the installation is challenging.

Unfortunately, this gives installers an incentive to short-cut the install or use materials that they have on hand that may not be the best for creating a solid and permanent joint. Add to that the fact that air loss as it relates to energy loss was a concept that most people were not too concerned about when energy was much cheaper to produce and purchase. We just weren't too concerned about the leaks in the ducts until recently and overlooked the improper installation methods. We also used "duct tape" to close the gaps where the duct pieces join. Why not?! It's DUCT TAPE! Now we know that "Duct Tape" is useful for many things, but NOT FOR DUCTS! The adhesive on the tape degrades quickly and totally fails in just a few years. It is estimated that 80% of all homes with ducted heating systems have leaks. Those leaks can be losing up to 40% of the heating energy.

The DUCTOLOGIST can seal those joints properly with appropriate materials like screws and Mastic that are designed for heating ducts. We can make any repairs to the ducts prior to sealing to ensure permanent, leak-free connection. We do this throughout the supply system and at the air handler. After all, you paid to heat the air. Why would you want to keep letting it escape?

Heat Duct Repair

Sometimes your ducts were just poorly installed. Or perhaps an animal has found its way in and damaged the ducts. The animals could be small or big and even in the form of human (cable guy.) If they have been knocked loose or torn, in the case of flexible ducts, the damage may be completely undetected by you, the homeowner. Or maybe you are noticing a particular room in your house that doesn't seem to get warm like the rest of the house. Perhaps you have cool air coming from the ducts when the furnace is not running. You might have damaged ducts.

The DUCTOLOGIST is able to repair the damage. We can patch holes, reconnect sections, replace flex ducts and even remove large sections and replace with new parts. We will always include a complete sealing of the supply system in any repair plans. To find out if your ducts are in need of a repair, call The DUCTOLOGIST for a Duct Examination.