Homes Built Between 1960 and 1979

1960 to 1979 home review

During a heat ducting exam for homes built between 1960 and 1979, The Ductologist typically finds these problems:

Metal ducts with poor connections

Metal to metal duct connections were often slipped together and "sealed" with duct tape. They should be fastened with screws and sealed with Mastic.

Broken or disconnected ducts

We find ducts that are completely disconnected. They need to be reattached and permanently secured and sealed.

Insufficient or missing insulation on the ducts

Ducts should have 2 inches of insulation to achieve and R-value of 8 or better.

Insufficient or missing insulation for the floors and attic

Insulation is what keeps the heat energy in the home. Many homes of this era have nothing at all for insulation.

Building cavities used as ducts

"Ducts" made from closing a wooden structure were common practice until recently. They leak a great deal of air to and from the outside of the home.