Homes Built Between 1990 and 2010

1990 to 2010 home review

During a heat ducting exam for homes built between 1990 and 2010, The Ductologist may find these problems:

Insufficient insulation

Even though building codes required an R30 under the floor, homes were built rapidly and, unfortunately, subject to short cuts. We may find that what looks to be a full cavity of insulation is in fact only partially full.

Low quality materials

Costs are always a factor when building a home. It is possible that materials like ducts a not the highest quality and have exceeded their life expectancy.

Design errors

A poorly performing home can often time be attributed to bad design. To build homes quickly requires a "one size fits all" approach to installations.

Poor workmanship

This is the biggest problem that we encounter. Installations in difficult areas like crawl spaces are often performed by laborers ill equipped to provide high quality work. Most of the time just putting things together like they should have been the first time makes a dramatic improvement in the performance of the home.