Manufactured Home Review

manufactured home review

During a heat ducting exam for manufactured homes, The Ductologist typically finds these problems:

Failed tape at seams

Unless your home was built to Northwest Energy Star requirements, which most were not, the ducts were assembled using adhesive tape to close any gaps. This tape loses the ability to stick in a very short time. The proper way to secure the connections is with a product called Mastic. It is permanent and specifically designed for heating ducts.

Broken connections

There are a number of reasons why a connection would fail. The most common being that they were not secured well when new. We use screws and sheet metal to repair these connections.

Damaged / Disconnected crossover ducts

The crossover duct is the duct (usually flexible) under the home that connects two or more sections together. In a double wide home, each section has a duct running the length of the home to each of the supply registers. The crossover takes the air from the duct under the furnace and delivers it to the duct on the opposite side of the home. If the crossover gets damaged or comes loose, we can repair it or replace it with a new one.

Fallen insulation / torn belly material

Manufactured homes typically have a black, heavy material containing the insulation to the underside of the floors. We call this the belly material and it also acts as a moisture barrier. We often find that it has become torn or damaged, usually during a repair of other things like plumbing or electrical. A quick repair is likely made with tape, which fails in a short time. The correct way to repair it is with staples and spray adhesive for a permanent solution.